Still Life Moving Fragments

Still life | Moving fragments: installation views

February 25th, 2012

The exhibition is installed in the Art Lounge of the Belconnen Art Centre. It consists of 6 x 15 inch LCD screens (digital photo frames) displaying 6 different moving image works. Louise created 3 screen works using hand-processed black and white super-8 films; and I created 3 works using video and animation.

The Art Lounge is a rectangular room that measured 6m by 4m with 3 walls with hanging rails and 1 glass wall (with door). The screens are hung on the 6m white wall using the gallery hanging system. The frames are equidistant to one another with Louise’s 3 works on the left and my 3 on the right.

The hanging of the work makes reference to the customary display of paintings. It was a conscious decision on our part not to hide the wiring of the frames as the materiality of the works is important here. The screens were hung at slight below average eye level. Two spots are installed along the 4m walls towards the glass wall to provide some lighting to the space to provide contrast with a cinematic space.

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