Seasonal Almanac

Start of winter: Pheasants enter water and turn into monster clams (3 of 5)

May 18th, 2009

Start of winter 13 of 15We ordered our winter crops from Diggers at least 6 weeks ago now and the seeds have been arriving in drips and drabs in a frustratingly slow pace. Phone conversation with Diggers revealed that they are currently under enormous stress to get all the seasonal orders out to their members. As we are planting winter vegetables from seeds, time is of the essence. But as we are experiencing some warm weather, perhaps all is not lost.

Today one order arrived with much fan fare. The Australia Post contractor pulled up his 4WD across the road, rummaged around the packages at the back of the car and fetched out out a long and thin box for us. On it is says: ‘Persihable plants: open immediately & water’. We opened the box and found a small almond tree nestled in lots of shredded newspaper (which I will put to good use in the composting). We took the small tree out and watered it immediately. Now we await the seeds.

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