Seasonal Almanac

Frost descent: insects tuck themsleves away (3 of 5)

May 3rd, 2009

Frost descent 13 of 15Tasks achieved today include:

1. Raised vegetable bed 1 completed
2. Lettuces transplanted to raised vegetable bed 2
3. Preparation made for constructing raised vegetable bed 3
4. Cumquat, bay tree, and mint re-potted
5. Re-positioned pot plants
6. Prunings from Mulberry tree (leaves) added to compost
7. Suitable adjustment made to worm farm housing.

I was so pleased with our progress that I started some concept drawings on a photo print-outs of the backyard – putting some ideas down on paper. In the evening after dinner, I did some research online and found out how to build a retaining wall, a drystone wall, outdoor stairs and brick paving. There is a whole world out there where people are eager to offer handy tips (and probably sell some advertising spots while they are at it). Parallel to that world are the energetic sustainable house building blogs and organic gardening forums. Long live DIY.

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