Seasonal Almanac

Frost descent: leaves turn yellow and fall (5 of 5)

April 30th, 2009

Frost descent 10 of 15Thursday is a 7-hour teaching day starting at 9.30 and running through to 5.30 with a hour lunch break after the lecture. By the end of the day, I can’t even see straight. Redmond has a similarly long day. More often than not, Thursday’s dinners have been largely take away affair.

Since Flannagan’s Fish N’ chips from down the road moved to Thirroul beach, their restricted opening hours and no phone order policy effectively wipped it off our take away map. We ocassionally buy fresh fish from Jolly Roger in Thirroul whose main business is fish and chips. Jolly Roger’s staff is entirely female and generally not in particularly jolly moods. Nevertheless, it has been decided that tonight is a fish and chips kind of night and Jolly Roger it is.

After a short wait (catching up with what happened in the world of celebrities last year), we hurry home with our take away meals and some beer. We install ourselves in the spare room with blankets and the heater. We jollily dine on our fish dinners with a couple of jolly DVDs.

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