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Frost descent: Leaves turn yellow and fall (2 of 5)

April 27th, 2009

Frost descent 7 of 15The black chicken has started laying eggs! One a day since Saturday. Redmond discovered the small egg on the ground in their pen next to their feed. So far we have collected three.

A chicken normally lays an egg a day until she has a clutch (about a dozen). If the eggs are not taken away, she will stop laying and go about incubating the eggs. Intrestingly, fertilised eggs do not develop until incubation starts.

Chickens are creatures of habit and the black chicken has started to adopt some form of laying pattern. I go down to the garden to give the chickens their breakfast in the morning. After perusing the offering, the black chicken goes to sit in the corner near the feed and lays an egg. Now we have to persuade her to lay in the nesting box instead.

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