Seasonal Almanac

Frost descent: Wolf sacrafices beasts (5 of 5)

April 25th, 2009


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A most enticing day for gardening. The chickens, as usual, wander out of their pen, foraging for insects and fungi in and amongst the mulch and lawn. As I tend to the young seedlings, I can see the feathered creatures edging closer towards the veggie patch. They walk amongst the lettuces as if minding their own business. When they think I am not looking, they snack on the leaves! I then have to shepard them away.

I continue to work the soil with a fork on the unplanted side of the bed to break down its clayiness. The chickens once again approach the patch. This time they decide to have a dirt bath. The white chicken digs a little recess and sit in it. She turns to have her back on the ground and scratches her neck on the dirt. Every now and then, she fluffs up her feathers and give them a shake. The black chicken sees her campanion’s delight and joins in.

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