Seasonal Almanac

Cold dew: Sparrows enter the water and turn into clams (2 of 5)

April 12th, 2009

Cold dew 7 of 15Perth as we remember it: clear blue sky and hot. We were told that Autumn was making progress in Perth earlier in the month with the daily maximums staying put around the mid-20s. The last week saw the temperatures crept up to low and mid-30s. Today’s temperature reaches 34.4 with strong East/ North-easterly. It’s Margaret’s birthday and she takes us to the beach.

As we head towards the coast, we are greeted with the very unique colours of Perth’s environment: the grey green leaves of weeping Eucalyptus caesia, their silver white branches and soft sliver capped pink flowers, the deep-green foilage of Eucalyptus ficifolia, the smooth white bark of ghost gums, and the light grey green emu bushes. Nolfolk pines line Cottesloe’s Marine Parade. The white sand dunes obscure the sparkling ocean from the road. Once at the beach, the sun begins to burn. The sky is an intense blue, the air warm and dry, the water refreshingly chilled.

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