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White dew: wild geese come (2 of 5)

March 8th, 2009

White dew 2 of 15

Our friends, Louise and Peter, recently moved to Canberra from Sydney. It is said the (dis)stress of moving house is only second to losing a spouse. This may be a slight exaggeration but having moved across states recently: it is not something you would do on a whim.

On the weekend, Louise and Peter hired a ute to distribute and collect the last of their furniture. We are lucky enough to have the permanent loan of Peter’s plan drawer. It’s a perfect fit. ‘Now it looks like a “real” studio,’ Redmond said.

A lot of furniture in the studio is also on ‘permanent loan’. To the right, the copy stand I use for animation and the bench it stands on are from a certain WA tertiary institution. To the left, behind the plan drawer are the bookshelves our friend, Lucas, bought from another friend, Ellen, who recently moved back to Norway. Lucas was living in Austinmer at the time and left them here. I started putting stuff on the shelves and thereby obtained another permanent loan. However, the pink chair on the far left is a real find I picked up on a roadside rubbish collection in Coledale. The studio furniture all has a story or two to tell.

2 Responses to “White dew: wild geese come (2 of 5)”

  1. 1 Lucas in Petersham
    March 11th, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    all it needs to make it a “real studio” is a big mess!!

  2. 2 jolaw
    March 11th, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Sorry, I can’t do messy studio. I like to know where everything is. Sometimes when I am working on a project, I let the work take over and the place turns into a mess. Then I tidy it up and the process starts again. It’s a mess now. I’ve been so busy with the start of semester I have not been using the studio much (but someone else has been using it).

    It is my life-long dream to know where everything is. And Lucas, I know that we have differing views on this subject.