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Limit of heat: rice ripens (5 of 5)

March 6th, 2009

Limit of heat 15 of 15Tonight is Erina-san’s last night in Australia before returning to Japan tomorrow. She had not yet experienced an ‘Aussie pub’ so we took her to the nearby Headlands Hotel to have a biru (beer) and a meal. She orderd a Scotch fillet which turned to be just about as big as she is. She took a photograph of the meal – probably to make her dad (whose favourite food is steak) jealous.

When we got home, Erina-san presented us with a bag of gifts which she bought for us in Japan : a teapot, two cups with saucers, genmaicha (Japanese tea), a kaelidascope, and a photo-book of roads in Japan categorised according to the seasons. Each item was individually wrapped. They were such thoughtful gifts – just our cup of tea.

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