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Limit of heat: rice ripens (2 of 5)

March 3rd, 2009

Limit of heat 12 of 15

It’s soon coming up to a year since we moved into our current abode. Since most of the plantings were done by previous owners, settling in has also meant getting to know the plants in the yards. I remember this bush (pictured, which is at the very front facing the road) was flowering about the time we moved in. As I was leaving for work today, I noticed that it was flowering again.

The appearance of the flowers led me at first to assume it to be a species of Grevillia. When identifying the plant, I realised that this species is cauliflory (that is it flowers on the trunk rather than with the leaves). This characteristic put me on the path of the Hakeas genus (which is related to the Grevillia genus, both belonging to the same subfamily of Grevilleoideae). It is Hakea bakeriana, a hakea that is native to forests and open heath of New South Wales central coast.

Every time I successfully identified a species I am rewarded with a feeling of immense satisfaction.

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