Seasonal Almanac

Minor heat: hawk studies and learns (4 of 5)

January 19th, 2009

Minor heat 14 of 15In preparing for our forthcoming trip, I was faced with the difficult task of using up the perishable food left in the fridge. I should have been more deligent in tackling this earlier, but having had friends over for dinner twice last week meant needing to buy extra ingredients. On top of that the tomato plants are continuing to output an abundant amount of ripe fruits.

This feeling of slight desperation reminds me of the time when we crossed the border from Western Australia to South Australia and were advised by all the surrounding signs not to take fresh fruit or vegetable through. Ever so abiding but determined not to waste any food, I attempted to eat all the prohibitive food in our pocession before going further. After only making half-way into an avocado, I was overcome by my gagging relfex (which was probably triggered by the speed I was consuming the food). I relunctantly conceded and had to abandoned the rescue project.

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