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Minor heat: warm wind arrives (1 of 5)

January 6th, 2009

minor heat 1 of 15We are making a great effort to keep up with our daily swims – a regime established during the festive season. In order to avoid overexposure to the sun, we have been swimming at dusk. I was swimming on my back when I noticed the half-moon in the pale blue-ish pink-ish sky. The water temperature hovers around 20 degrees. The warm, humid air makes the water feels particularly wet.

Many families were still enjoying their day at the beach as the sun slowly set behind the escarpment. They sat around their beach tents watching the pounding surf. A group of young teenage boys skated by on their new twist skateboards on the concreted pavement. Young children squealed as their parents showered them under the cold water. The change room floor is once again covered with a slurry of sand.

As I hung out my wet bathers in the backyard, the same half-moon hung in the sky. Its silvery brightness was now set off by the deep green trees and the escarpment which is now partly golden.

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