Seasonal Almanac

Minor snow: Heaven’s essence rises; earth’s essence sinks (5 of 5)

May 30th, 2009

Minor snow 10 of 15It is now quite a way into winter and most of our winter crops are not yet in the ground. The seedlings are progressing slowly as the short day light and lower temperatres are not too conducive to repaid plant development.

Two garden beds are in place with garlic and some bak choy seedlings growing steadily. I re-tested the soil in these two beds and the sulphur as lowered the pH to the ideal 7 – 7.5. So they await the seedlings to develop their second sets of leaves. I have made the existing bed along the fence (where the passionfruit vines are planted) into a long non-dig patch. The peas will go there. Farmer Red has (with much zest, determination, and hard labour) finally completed the second bed on the slope. To this, I added in bags of manure, blood and bone, and soil improver (as we ran out of compost) – and thoroughly forked the content into a loomy mix.

Farmer Red has also planted his tropical fruit trees in the far corner of the garden. He made little terraces for each plant in a design that echoes the raised veggie beds. We also started constructing the fourth and final bed. So the first phase of the productive garden is nearly complete.

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