Seasonal Almanac

Minor snow: Heaven’s essence rises; earth’s essence sinks (4 of 5)

May 29th, 2009

Minor snow 9 of 15The need to purchase grocery and garden supplies turned today into a foraging expedition. After getting some fruit and veg at Bulli, we did a quick stop-over at Woonoona to pick up some organic oats (to be made into toasted museli) and some organic beef (to be made into a stew). The next destination was Costie’s Big Shed where I found some louvered doors/ panels for my Steveson’s screen (weather station shelter). We also checked out some old recycled windows for our future cold frame project. We then headed towards Wollongong but couldn’t help but did a detour to Vinnie’s in North Gong where Redmond found four brand new workshirts for $12. On the return trip we dropped by Woonoona’s Pet Food and Produce and loaded the car with 4 bags of sheep manure, 4 bags of cow manure, 10kg of layer’s mix (chicken feed), 1 bale of straw, and 1 bale of lucerne hay. The car was pack to the hilt as we made our way back up the hill.

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