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Shousetsu: Rainbows hide/ start using kotatsu (4 of 5)

November 27th, 2008


[click on image to play video]

Today’s daytime maximum reached 8.9 degree C at 09:00 this morning. It was grey, cold, and rainy. We had an idea to do some early Christmas shopping and this led us to Roppongi.

Some people shop effortlessly. I can do about 2 hours at the most. I find it such hard work and I always end up tired and grumpy. Not long into our expedition, we found ourselves happily distracted by the contemporary India art exhibition at the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi hills. This turned out to be such a refreshing interlude. The works are conceptually strong, executed with wit, and explored the modern cutlure of India in sophiscated ways. I found the video and installation pieces particularly enjoyable.

When we emerged from the exhibtion it was nearly dark. We took the opportunity to look at Tokyo from Roppongi Hills’ 360 degrees veiwing deck. It was such a cold day that the air vents of buildings condensed forming clouds.

2 Responses to “Shousetsu: Rainbows hide/ start using kotatsu (4 of 5)”

  1. 1 Silvia Kwon
    December 12th, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    This photo reminds me of the view I encountered atop of a tower in the middle of seoul.

  2. 2 jolaw
    December 15th, 2008 at 8:01 am

    Whilst in Japan, I consciously and unconciously looked for similarities and cross-overs with modern HK culture. The cross-cultural influences between Japan and Korea must be even more embedded. My Japanese tutor told me that the Korean alphabet has a one-to-one correspondence to the Japanese alphabet. Both languages use a ‘subject – object – verb’ grammatical structure, which is actually quite unusual.