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Soukou: Insects tuck themselves away/ first frost (2 of 5)

November 5th, 2008

Soukou 12 of 15We were invited to a lovely evening at the Australian Embassy tonight. The casual event began with a short talk on the National Gallery of Victoria by Kelly Gellatly, curator of NGV, who is currently visiting Japan. The purpose was to introduce her, the national gallery and contemporary Australia art to Japanese curators. The evening was hosted by Nancy Gordon, the first secretary and head of public diplomacy section of the Embassy at her apartment located within the Embassy compound.

As we were walking towards the embassy in Asabu-juban, I glanced at the heavy-set buildling and was suddenly amazed to see a kangaroo and an emu caged above the building. It was the Australia coat of arms. Later, I was informed by our host, this was an intentional feature of architectural design (Denton Corker Marshall). It was designed and built in 1990. Perhaps it was the ‘quotation’ phase of post-modern architecture. Eighteen years on, however, the overall effect is an elevated display in a zoo. What is interesting in that it is not uncommon to hear the word ‘bunker’ used when the embassy buildling is discussed in casual conversation. The ‘cage’ effect certainly adds to the impression of, let’s say, hyper security-consciousness.

The tragedy is that I left my camera at the flat charging and could not get a photo. I attempted several artist’s impressions of drawings and collages, but alas, no success. The sight has to be seen to believed – so I did a bit of appropriation of my own.

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