Autumn (Tokyo Studio)

Kanro: Sparrows enter the water and turn into clams/ chrysanthemums bloom (3 of 5)

October 17th, 2008

Kanro 8 of 15I found my favorite local bakery in Takadanobaba where I buy croissants for breakfast every now and then. It has a poster promoting a new line of pastry and bread to celebrate the wheat harvest.

Japan’s domestic wheat production only supplies 10% of the wheat consumed in the country. Domestic wheat farming is heavily protected by the government with taxation on imports and subsidies for wheat farmers. About 1/5 of Japan’s total import of wheat comes from Australia. Apart from bread and bread-related products, wheat is also used in noodle-making: Udon, Somen, and, of course, Ramen. There is also ‘fu’ – gluten product.

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