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Hakuro: Swallows leave/ lycrois bloom (5 of 5)

September 19th, 2008
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It’s still warm and humid although the heat has definitely lost its edge. It’s been raining in the last couple of days. Tropical cyclone 0813 is due to sweep past the east coast of Japan but it has been a bit slow coming. So we are in for a tad more wet weather. The day time maximum is still hovering around the high 20s but the one-week forecast seems to indicate a trend of lowering maximums. However, the seasonal forecast says that there is a 50% chance of above normal temperature in the coming month.

I have noticed an absence of air-conditioning in the public buildings in Tokyo- or at least set at the temperatures that one has grown accustomed to. I have been told that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has recommended that air-conditioning to be set at 28 C in order to lower energy usage and combat global warming. So 28 it is.

One Response to “Hakuro: Swallows leave/ lycrois bloom (5 of 5)”

  1. 1 Today in Austinmer
    September 20th, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Jo and Redmond.
    My first swim of the season! It lasted about 25 seconds. The beach is full today. Or rather, the hot sand is full, hardly anyone in the water except old men. It’s freezing.

    Seedlings are coming up at an alarming rate. Soon it will be time to plant out the vegie patch. Redmond’s plastic cover on the vegie-patch weed-kingdom is bursting at the seams, weeds pushing it up like rising dough. I hope the predicted transformation (weeds cook themselves to death) happens soon…
    best wishes from your home in Austinmer
    Lucas the house-sitter