algorithm project

This project researches conceptual models, experiments with, and investigates strategies for the development of innovative screen works that utilise algorithms as their construction agent.

Algorithms are procedures or sets of instructions - a recipe of sorts where the principal ingredients are numbers and data. Pattern creation and recognition is one of the central functions algorithms can play. Their transformative ability, taking one level of abstracted information and translating it into another, enables them to play a key role in the mediation and interaction between different types of information.

Within this context this research project asks - what role does ‘interactivity’ play in the interrogation of meaning in digitally mediated works? Is it more than simply navigating what are fundamentally predetermined choices within propriety software?

Rather than interactivity, we prefer the term re-activity, in the sense of active engagement, to describe what actually occurs in the generation of new meaning forms from algorithmic structures.

The artists participating in this project are: Jo Law, Cam Merton and Redmond Bridgeman.