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Minor snow: Rainbows hide (1 of 5)

May 21st, 2009

Minor snow 1 of 15A common lament at a green grocer’s is the lack of flavoursome locally grown garlic. The imported and generally heavly fumigated garlic from China is so cheap that pushes the price of locally grown garlic to anywhere from $12 to $30 a kilo. Growing your own garlic is a logical and attractive option.

In lieu of the garlic we ordered from Diggers which is yet to arrive, our friend, Wendy, sent through some of her surplus organic garlic. Garlic cloves are generally planted in late Autumn after the equinox. They require a month or two of below 5 degrees days to bulb properly. In days of decreasing daylight they produce leaf growth but after the winter solstice as daylight lengthens leaves grow at the expense of the bulb. As we planted garlic late last year and the harvet only produced small bulbs, it important to get the timing of this year’s planting right. Let’s hope we crop better this year.

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