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Start of winter: Pheasants enter water and turn into monster clams (2 of 5)

May 17th, 2009

Start of winter 12 of 15A beautiful sunny day that inspired a picnic at Wombarra beach. In our developing tradition of picnic-ing, prepared food is a must (preferrably home-made, we had sushi); and the pocket-rocket always finishes up the show with a hot cuppa. Today we introduced a new member to the team – the food/ drink thermost, which served us some hot miso soup.

The weather brought many surfers to the beach. They bobbed up and down on the waves like seals. The Wombarra pool was glistening enticingly in the warm sunlight. I had with me a pair of new bathers (bought recently in Perth). The excitment to christen them in the ocean urged me to change into them and jump into the pool. We swam about in the water for a bit and watched the tide comes in. Afterwards, we found some sea slugs swimming elegantly in the baby pool.

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