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Start of winter: Earth beings to freeze (5 of 5)

May 15th, 2009

Start of winter 10 of 15Despite the maximum wind gust registering at 89 km/h today, the day, graced with a gloriously blue sky, turned out to be a pleasent one.

On our stretch of the coasts, it is not uncommon to look up at the sky and see passenger jets flying north or south. Wollongong is under Australia’s busiest flight path: Sydney – Melbourne. The sky is often marked with contrails. Long-lasting contrails (condensation trails), in particular, indicates that there is high-level of moisture presence in the upper level of the troposphere. High humidity at this height makes the best environment for air sign writers.

I was out in the garden when I saw an extraordinary long contrails stretching across north – south. Does this mean an apporaching frontal system?

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