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Start of winter: water begins to dry up (4 of 5)

May 9th, 2009

Start of winter 4 of 15Recently, I embrace the early morning starts with an ample supplies of dried fruit and nuts. This has worked wonders for me. Snacking on the mix throughout the day, I am no longer desperately hungry when breaks come along. What’s more, when I get home, I don’t eat the closest thing I can lay my hands on.

I mentioned this to Kate, a friend from work, who belongs to Black Duck, a local organic co-op that sources grains, nuts, and other dried food from Sydney once every 6 weeks. Kate joined me up and I ordered a number of things using their google group spreadsheet.

Today is packing day. I head to the assigned address in Wombarra. A group of women gather and the well-run process unfolds:

1. The delivered crate is unpacked and its content transported to the packing room (someone’s kitchen);
2. All goods are weighed and checked against the order;
3. Members’ labelled bags and containers are laid out, categorised by the food ordered (e.g. cashews);
4. Members’ labelled boxes (that the filled bags and containers will go into) are arranged alpahbetically;
5. Working in pairs, members pick up a category of bags/ containers, find the packaged goods, and divide up the food (by weight) according to the order spreadsheet;
6. The filled bags and containers are placed into the members’ boxes accordingly;
7. This continues until all goods are distributed;
8. Each box is checked against the order list.

I have myself a boxful of dried apricots, dried figs, dried nectarines, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, lentils, and muesli mix. I am going to toast the museli.

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