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Start of winter: Water begins to freeze (3 of 5)

May 8th, 2009

Start of winter 3 of 15This summer was the first time in many years that I put away winter clothes to make room for summer ones. Now it is time to bring out the old suitcase and librate the woolens.

The marked change in textures, for me, has always been what divided the summer and winter months. Growing up, mid-October would be the time when schools announced the change over to winter uniforms. When we hurried home from school, it would already be dusk. The smells of street foods and diesel mingled with the cool air. After having a hot bath, I would put on the flannette pants Grandma made us. Best of all, I looked forward to mum pulling out the burgundy corduory covers for the living room couch. The luxurious feel of the warm and cozy corduroy… I would alway be the first to sit on it.

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