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Frost descent: Insects tuck themselves away (2 of 5)

May 2nd, 2009

Frost descent 12 of 15frost_descent12of15

A Saturday morning that greets you with sunshine is a Saturday full of promise. Many people leap at the opportunity to do all the things weekdays prevent them to do. So much pent-up gardneing energy to release, so much house maintainence to carry out, so many odd jobs to take care of. By the time we have a first morning cup of coffee, a symphony of chainsaw, blowers, lawnmowers and various other motorised home maintainence equipment has started in ernest around the hill. Soon we are also drawn into these backyard activities.

I start stockpiling the winter firewood under mulberry tree while Redmond finishes constructing the vegetable patch on the slope. We quietly go about our businesses to the gentle clucking of the wandering chooks.

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