Seasonal Almanac

Frost descent: leaves turn yellow and fall (4 of 5)

April 29th, 2009

Today’s top temperature of 15.6 is this month’s lowest maximum. Throughout the day the temperature climbed just over 4 degrees from the overnight minimum. The day felt unexpectedly icy. With the low temperature in the last couple of nights, the heater has been hauled in from the garage. Further inland in the New South Wales will see frost descends.

The Weather News announces that end of April sees: ‘Melbourne’s coldest April morning since 1957’, ‘Wettest April in Brisbane for at least nine years’, ‘Warmest and driest April in Perth for 15 years’, ‘Wettest April in Hobart for eight years’, and ‘Wettest April for Canberra in 19 years’. The thing about the weather is that it never seems seasonal.

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