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Frost descent: Leaves turn yellow and fall (1 of 5)

April 26th, 2009

Frost descent 6 of 15Since Farmer Red’s dilema with building a vegetable bed on the slope surfaced, I decided to pitch in and put on my thinking cap. The initial idea has always been to build the beds where the existing patch is (at the bottom of the garden). The trouble is the neighour’s huge avocado trees shade most of the morning sun. The land also slopes upwards. towards the fence.

The plan is to stagger the beds, moving them further away from the fence and out to the flatter area of the garden. Redmond has talked to the neighbour previously and she, in fact, doesn’t mind us thinning out (or even chopping down) the trees as they just grew out from her compost. We will probably thin them out to let in some norther light.

With much determination, we constructed the first bed (bed 2). We then continued to build the bed  (bed 1) at the edge of the slope, but this will be the only patch in the sloping green. One heavy railway sleeper banks the slope and the other end has two stacked up sleepes, making a level bed. So now we have 2 beds and a plan.

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