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Autumnal equinox: Beetles wall up their burrows (3 of 5)

March 29th, 2009

Autumnal equinox 8 of 15As I went down the garden to give the chickens some scraps, I took the opportunity to check on the progress of my veggie patch . I was surprised to see that my lettuce seedlings looked so unexpectedly small. I went closer to inspect. To my horror, I discovered that all their tops have been eaten off!

The prime suspect is the Satin bower bird last seen building a bower in the tree in next door’s yard. In late Summer, I witnessed the bird nibbling at Lucas’s spring crop of lettuces. Since then our patch must have been added to the local birds’ culinary map. The whole experience felt like I had been burgled. We have no choice but to set up a bird net over the veggie patch.

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