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Limit of heat: rice ripens (1 of 5)

March 2nd, 2009

Limit of heat 11 of 15I have never been particularly fearful of insects. There is no doubt, in this part of the coast, insects reign supreme. Wasps, hornets and sizable members of the Diptera order have a commanding presence.

Having devoured a bee (and dropped it on Redmond), this large unidentified fly-like insect (I think it’s a relative of the Robber fly, family: Asilidae) was buzzing above our heads. I quickly went inside and observed it through the glass door. I felt like I was in Miyazaki’s first animated feature film, Nausicaa, where insects reached giantic proportions in the post-apocalyptic world.

When attempting to identify this insect, I came across this wonderful site: Personal Museum of Natural History. The site’s authors declare: ‘We are not birders or collectors who look all over the world for rarest species to make their “life list” more complete. Rather, we are usual walkers or travellers just looking for unexpected encounters. We take a photo simply when we feel happy to meet something, and basically don’t care how rare it is.’ Fellow travellers.

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