Seasonal Almanac

Start of autumn: cold cicada chirps (5 of 5)

February 19th, 2009

Start of autumn 15 of 15The word, ‘season’, is evocative. It may conjure up the scent of jonquil in spring, blinding brightness of a hot summer day, the crisp air on an autumn night, and the warmth of the bed on a cold winter’s morning…

‘Season’ essentially implies a defined period, one that is brief but also cyclical. We often attach it to nouns or verbs to denote a time dedicated to these things or actions, like, ‘mango season’, ‘ski season’, ‘football season’, ‘flu season’ , ‘racing season’…. We also have ‘off-season’, ‘season launch’, ‘high season’, ‘low season’, ‘in season’, ‘open season’, ‘silly season’ and so on. Some schools and universities name their terms, semesters, and sessions after the seasons.

The start of autumn is traditionally the start of schools and universities. On campus, signs have been erected to prepare for ‘o-week’ (orientation week) for the start of the Autumn session. I think the concept on this sign cleverly combines a hum-drum activity with one that promises fun and adventures (although I suspect the two words are meant to represent disparate events).

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