Seasonal Almanac

Start of autumn: cold cicada chirps (3 of 5)

February 17th, 2009

start of autumn 13 of 15There is nothing more comforting than being in bed when it starts to rain. When the weather is cool, the enjoyment of listening to the sound of raindrops hitting the tin roof under a cozy dunar is quite unsurpassed. The sound of heavy rain woke me up early this morning and I laid in bed, hazily thinking about what was getting wet outside.

One of our neighbours told us that our house used to be a small cottage. A professor who worked in Canberra used to spend his holidays in this Austinmer cottage. Several subsequent owners put in additions and renovations. One problem that arose from these waves of DIY enthusiasm is that the one side of the back verandah’s ‘roof’ simply drains rainwater onto the roof of the house, overloading the gutters. The result is that water spills out and splatters onto the verandah. When heavy rain sets in, Redmond runs outside and places three plastic boxes under the trouble area – his temporary rainwater tanks.

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