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Start of autumn: cool wind arrives (3 of 5)

February 7th, 2009

Start of autumn 3 of 15We invited our friend, Wendy, whose birthday it was, to come and stay for the weekend. The heat of the day inhibited any plans for outdoor activities, but as dusk drew near I made a platter of sushi. We packed our dinner, fruits, our pocket-rocket, water, tea, bathers, and headed for the Wombarra tidal pool. When we arrived at twilight, there were still many swimmers frolicking in the pool.

The tide was coming in and the strong northeasterly was blowing on the surface of the water in the pool, making choppy wavelets. The water was very salty and warm. As the remaining sunlight disappeared completely, there was only the three of us in the water. We were floating on our backs in the moonlight. Wendy declared that it was her best birthday swim.

After a long swim, we walked along the beach and found a spot to have our picnic dinner. Food always tastes exceedingly better after a flurry of activities. We sat on the flat rock the while watching the tide. The sky was lit by a bright near-full moon. The meal finished with cherries, plums and a cup of hot peppermint tea.

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