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Start of autumn: cool wind arrives (1 of 5)

February 5th, 2009

Start of autumn 1 of 15The abundant insect life in this part of the world is astounding. The ‘no dry season’ temperate (hot summer) climate of this region supports an amazingly diverse range of invertebrates. In warm nights, when you sit outside with a single electic light on or lit candles, the luminance inevitably invites winged visitors.

Almost everyday I encounter a type of insect I’d never seen before. If I get a chance to take a photograph, I will try to identify them using internet resources. This is difficult as one has to search with words rather than images, but finding for a classification site for a geographic region often helps.

After a 20 minute research effort, I think pictured is a lacewing which belongs to the Neuroptera order – a large ancient group of insects that first emerged during the Permian period – the last period of the Paleozoic Era some 250 or so million years ago.

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