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Major heat: great rains sweep through (2 of 5)

February 1st, 2009

Major heat 12 of 15Air travel is possibly the most uncomfortable form of human transportation. Increasingly, passengers are subjected to more and more control processes and procedures. Until the most unlikely invention of the transporter (รก la Star Trek) eventuates, air travel remains one of life’s necessity. (Although I speculate that having the atoms of one’s body disassemble, sent across vast distances at the speed of light, then reassembled at the desination, would probably feel just at bad.)

Travelling southwards across the equator was one bumpy ride. The flight was full and being jammed in a small space with complete strangers was bound to irritate. Thankfully, the continual sniffling, sneezing, clapping, whistling, and all manners of behaviour quietened down when most passengers went to sleep around midnight. At 3.30am, we were woken up and fed breakfast by the unusually chirpy Qantas crew. A couple of hours later without much ceremony, we landed in Sydney on a warm Sunday morning. The captain himself stood by the exit door to farewell the passengers, he looked particularly pleased with himself.

Then I found myself having left ‘major cold’, arriving in ‘major heat’ and gained 3 hours in the meantime.

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