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Minor heat: hawk studies and learns (2 of 5)

January 17th, 2009

Minor heat 12 of 15When gardening today, Redmond found a clutch of lizard eggs on the floor of the garden bed. The eggs most probably belong to Leiolopisma guichenoti, the Pale-flecked Garden Sun Skink, Grass Skink, or more commonly, the Common Garden Skink.

These are the small skinks that are frequently found in surburban gardens along the south-eastern coast. They are generally seen basking, foraging, or darting about. We often observe aggression amongst the males during their mating season in spring and summer. The Common Garden Skinks lay clutches of around 2 – 5 eggs in communal sites. Apparently, they may sometimes even share these sites with another species – the Delicate Garden Skink.

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