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Minor heat: warm wind arrives (5 of 5)

January 10th, 2009

Minor heat 5 of 15We recently acquired a worm farm from our friend Lucas who lives in Petersham. As both our compost bins are at full capacity, his generousity is much appreciated.

Having waited for a week for the first worm consignment of the year to arrive at the local nursery, we picked up a box. Redmond downloaded the manual of the particular worm factory model from the internet and proceeded to set up the creatures’ new home in the back veranda.

First a base was made out of cardboard and fitted into the container.Then soil from our compositing was placed on top. The worms were then added to the soil. Newspaper was used to cover the worms (to shelter them from the light) and wetted. Finally, the container of the next level and the lid were placed.

For their first meal, I fed them chopped up cucumber, chopped up leftover mushroom pasta, and some cooked egg whites and yolks – mmm…. According to the manual, it will take the worms about a week to get used to their new diet. After that they will need a constant layer of about 2 cm thick to feed on.

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