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Motors and the Rainbow Room

May 24th, 2015

This post relates to the workings of the ‘spectrum of the visible light’ diorama. I want to show the visible light spectrum by staging Newton’s prism experiment. This is probably not an easy thing to do at the best of time, but a few factors are working against me.


May 24th, 2015

Another physical issue to work out is the wiring which will mainly be concealed. The hard cardboard boxes I use have a recess area around 7mm at the back which is enough to hold the wires. The folding on the back allows a power cable to come out.

Lighting tests

May 23rd, 2015

One of the historical references I am working with is the maquette theatre–miniature models for stage set design. Lighting is very important in these set designs and I imagine this is equally so for my dioramas. I am mainly working with LEDS. I do have some old fashion 2.5V and 12V tungsten bulbs but I fear these will generate too much heat. The uOLED screens may also be used to light a few of the dioramas.


May 23rd, 2015

Working out the 4D systems uOLEDs has been an incremental process, solving one issue at a time. I finally got the screen to work in a way that is more or less satisfactory. There are a few minor details that need to be ironed out but the major the technical issues have been resolved. I will write up some documenation here for prosperity.

uOLED screens

May 13th, 2015

I have been geeked out, trying to work out how to get these micro OLED screens to play videos/ animations. They were acquired almost 5 years ago and have been sitting there waiting to come alive. Asides from platform issues, the process have been complicated by superceded technologies, out-dated information, and legacy software programs. The information recorded is very geeky. Be warned.

Prototypes for Dioramas

May 8th, 2015

prototype for diorama04
Early prototypes for a series of 10 dioramas for the upcoming exhibition with Redmond, A World of Things, at the Huw Davies Gallery in August 2015.