Introducing texts

August 31st, 2008

I tried a number of methods to incorporate texts into the prints. Hand-written text is preferrable. Apart from adding writings to the positives, I also wrote on the paper to be printed on. Although the latter gives an interesting effect, it is very labourious and difficult to get right.

Etching printed on written surface

I then decided to give the bubble-jet printer a go. This was suggested to me but I didn’t think that the print-making paper would have the appropriate size to absorb the printing ink i.e. the edges would bleed. But it does work. So I wrote some text that would incorporate the writings into the image

Photo-polymer etching with text

The process of lining up the images and texts is not too difficult but as always requires quite a lot of planning, thought, and care. A registration point on the image is selected. I then align a piece of tracing paper over the image with registration and wrote out the text. This was then scanned (making sure it was set to the correct size and resolution) and printed onto the etchings (again the correct dimenions specified in the program).

Photo-polymer etching with text

The result is quite close to writing on the image itself. In future, instead of cropping the prints to the edge, I will make sure that the prints are done with proper registration so that the image falls on the same area and the prints themselves don’t have to be cropped to get the same registration point when adding writings to it on the computer.

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