After the storm

August 19th, 2008

After the minor setbacks with some over-contrasty positives, I had a few more success with some others images.

We found this crab on the rocks at the beach after a big storm. It is completely intact but hollowed out. The shell is very brittle (and I unfortunately was a bit rough with it and cracked its carapace a little …). It’s a Red Bait Crab (Plagusia chabrus) also called Red Rock Crab. Apparently, they are one of the fastest moving crabs. This images shows a female crab as identified by its smaller claws.

Etching of a red bait crab

Here’s a separate find. Judging by its size, it probably belonged to a male crab of the same species.

Etching of crab claw

A broken piece of sea urchin test but with spines still intact.

Etchings with sea urchin shell

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