Konvolut K

July 9th, 2008

Konvolut K is a collaborative project between Redmond Bridgeman and myself.

Its name references Walter Benjamin’s archives collected for the Arcades Project. The project also adopts aspects of Benjamin’s methodology by presenting a constellation of images and citations from, often random, research, into Perth, Western Australia. The project brings together visual, auditory, and textual threads with which visitors can construct their own vision of Perth, a vision that can only be completed by a site visit (physically or online?).

The project exemplies one of the models I have developed in creating ‘experimental documentary’ works that broadly fits within the ‘cabinet of curiosity’ approach, where visitors play an important part in the formation of knowledge.

Visit Konvolut K

A diorama in the WA museum
Fold-able architecture
A model residence
A panoramic history

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