uOLED screens

May 13th, 2015

I have been geeked out, trying to work out how to get these micro OLED screens to play videos/ animations. They were acquired almost 5 years ago and have been sitting there waiting to come alive. Asides from platform issues (thank you, Lucas, for the loan of your PC), the process have been complicated by superceded technologies, out-dated information, and legacy software programs. The information recorded below is very geeky. Be warned.

Thanks to backward compatibility and sheer persistence, it is working. This video is a test showing a video file (as an animated gif at a reduced frame-rate) being played on a 4D system uOLED screen. The instructions/ files are loaded onto a uSD card, then transferred to the module, and booted up from it. The program is written in 4DGL using Workshop 4.

I still need to iron out some key issues including:

  • finding a supported video file format that has good image quality (does not recognise .mov or .mp4, but can see .wmv, but what else?)
  • control of frame-rate (presently using a timer, but problematic)
  • looping the playback


I only used the ViSi Genie mode in Workshop 4 which does not require any programing and I think the control is therefore limited. I am hoping that engaging with another mode in the program may shed more clues and give me more control on how the video files will play.

test with 6V DC power

This is a test when the screen is connected to a 6V DC power source. Once the current is connected, the screen switches on and the file starts playing but stops at the end of the file

At this stage, the plan is to include these screens in some of the dioramas, to add images or to illuminate the box.

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