Prototypes for Dioramas

May 8th, 2015

prototype for diorama04

These are early prototypes for a series of 10 dioramas for the upcoming exhibition with Redmond, A World of Things, at the Huw Davies Gallery in August 2015. This series of dioramas is titled ‘Some Useful Values’ after a reference chapter in a secondary school chemistry textbook from which the data is derived. The dioramas re-work an earlier attempt (a web-based Flash work with the same name) to explore spatial scales and relationships.

prototype for diorama09

Asides from miniaturised dioramas and perspective boxes of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries,  these prototypes also play with the form of macquette theatres. The exhibition itself refers to the modern Japanese work, A World of Things, by Kamisaka Sekka.

prototype for diorama10

Each of the 10 dioramas presents a scene that incorporate a set of values denoted a power of 10. The intention is to house each scene in the same dimension (100 x 110), however, 2 scenes may require double this length. The early prototypes worked with a number of dimensions. All images used have historical significance and are sourced from the public domain.

prototype for diorama07

The prototypes are testing construction materials and methods, and helping to determine content and compositions. They are constructed using paper, card, wire, and LEDs. Each diorama has an outer casing made using heavy cardboard and detachable inner casing made out of lighter card. The inner casing houses the scene and is inserted into the case. A recess area existing behind the inner casing to allow for circuit boards and wiring. The electronics in each box will be powered by a 9 or 12 V supply.

Two inner casings

Further testing needs to be carried on selection of materials (paper weight, printing stock. larger gauge wire), effective lighting (LED – normal, superbright, diffuse etc., incandescent bulbs, and use of OLED screens). Objects, motors, solenoid and other kinetic materials will also be incorporated.

prototype for diorama03

Some texts will accompany each diorama to provide contexts.

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