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Rittou: Earth begins to freeze/ buckwheat kernels form (4 of 5)

November 17th, 2008

Rittou 9 of 15The Hikari 461 Railstar 11:16 Shinkansen (bullet train) took us from Shin-Osaka to Okayama (the gateway to Western Honshu, so proclaimed its station stamp). From Okayama, we took the Marine-liner rapid service to Chayamachi, where we changed to the local service to Uno. From Chaymachi, the landscape was that of rural Japan.

It was clear on the Chayamachi platform that all gaikokujin or gaijin (foreigners) were heading for the same destination: the Benesse Art Sites in Naoshima, where the Benesse Corporation, formerly the Fukutake Shoten (publishing company), established a contemporary art museum and on-going art projects on the island in the Seto Inland sea in 1989. As the local train pulled into Uno station, all the passengers headed straight for the Uno port in a somewhat hurried pace – it was as if we were in a scene out of Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘Amazing Race’ reality television show.

The ferry took us from Uno to Miyanoura, one of Naoshima’s two ports. We met our fellow guests on the hotel’s courtesy bus. These turned out to be five Sydney architects and a large group of Swiss landscape architects. We summise that they must be on architecation: architects on vacation or perhaps a pilgrimage of sorts to see famous art and architecture.

Upon arrival, we explored the various public artworks on around the Benesse House. Pictured is us exploring and photographing a public artwork. This artist’s work is often discussed in relation to architecture. Can you guess who that might be?

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