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Soukou: Leaves turn yellow and fall/ snakes hide away (5 of 5)

November 3rd, 2008

Soukou 10 of 15Exploration of the local area led to a number of interesting finds. Otomeyama Park is in Shimo-Ochiai (North of Takadanobaba). Its’ name ‘Oteme’ (‘keep out’) was derived from the time when the area was a hunting ground for the aristocrats. ‘Yama’ means hill and the park’s design makes good use of its terrain. It has stands of tall trees, a flowing stream which accomodates some koi and ducks, a pond, seatings, and an enclosed area for fireflies to breed.

The neighbourhood of Shimo-Ochiai is slightly more hilly (than Takadanobaba) and this aspect probably makes the area desirable for some up-market housing. I came across a faded banner which claimed that a new development nearby is destorying the raccoon dog’s habitat. Still, like other Shinjuku suburbs, it has a shrine, a temple, a cemetary, the ocassional vegepatch, primary schools, and nursery.

Outisde one nursery is a concrete cascade-garden built as a part of the fence. The small cascade garden has 4 levels: ivy at the top, rice in the middle, a narrow ‘pond’ for small fish below, and soil at the bottom.

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