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Soukou: Leaves turn yellow and fall/ snakes hide away (2 of 5)

October 31st, 2008

Soukou 7 of 15Suddenly it’s hot-pot weather. It has been overcast all day with a daytime maximum of only 18 degrees, I decided a hot-pot might be in order for tonight’s meal. Many cultures have one-pot/ one-dish meals that the whole family / group of people gather together to cook and share. There are different types of cook-your-own in Japanese cuisine, the most well-known being: Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Okonomi-yaki, and Nabe.

Nabe is a natural home-cook choice. It’s easy and no fuss, but it does requires some equipment (namely the table-top stove and the nabe/ eartherware pot). Because I don’t really have these in the flat, I improvised by using a large saucepan and cooked it on the stove. Here is a receipe. You can use ingredients of your choice – root vegetables are particularly good for absorbing the flavours. Here’s what I used:

Daikon radish
Chinese cabbage
Negi (Japanese leek)
Enoki mushrooms
Eringi mushrooms
Fish cakes and balls

The longer you simmer, the more flavorsome the ingredients become. When you decide to eat, dish ingredients of your choice into a small bowl along with some soup. Refill as often as you like.

When everything is eaten with only soup/ sauce left, turn the stove on and to bring the soup to boil. Put in some cooked rice and stir. When the rice has absorbed most of the liquid, crack an egg (or 2) into the rice mixture and stir. Turn off the stove. Add chopped spring onions and yakinori – this is the ultimate comfort food!

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