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Soukou: Wolf sacrifices beasts/ wild camellias bloom (4 of 5)

October 28th, 2008

soukuo 4 of 15After some unexpected rain last night, today turned out to be another lovely Autumn day, perfect for a river meander. Myoshojigawa (river) is one of its major tributaries of the Kandagawa (river). The diversion occurs just near the Ozco flat where Takadanobaba and Shimo-Ochiai meet. The river ends in Myoshoji Park in Shimizu, Nakano-ku. It’s about 9km in length and we walked about half of that today from the diversion in Shimo-Ochiai to Numabukuro.

The Myoshojigawa despite being classified as a grade one river doesn’t have the same grandeur as the Kandagawa. But its quiet subdueness has its own charm. The lives of inhabitants near the river are woven into its surrounding landscape producing continous and sometimes drastic changes along its length.

Downstream in the river, the water flowed quite rapidly – the ducks were paddling along without much effort (they were sailing down the duck travellator). The river goes through the quiet suburbs of Shimo-Ochiai, Naka-Ochiai, Kami-Ochiai, Nakai and Nishi-Ochiai in Shinjuku-ku (city) before crossing over to Kami-Takada, Matsuigaoka and Numabukuo in Nakano-ku. The Nakano-ku’s stretch of the river is undergoing some major riverworks involving heavy machinery and a number of pedestrian diversions.

Parks of note are Tetsugako-do Park (literally: Philosophers’ Park), where 77 structures relating to various philosophers are built and used. Numabukuro’s Heiwano-mori Park’s claim to fame is the discovery of remanants of ancient Yayoi period dwellings (after demolision of a prison). It also boasts a large sports field where we ended our trip: lying on the grass, looking at the 5 or so kites flying in the sky.

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  1. 1 Sam
    October 29th, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    I’m not sure what a duck travellator is but i like the sound of it. If I was mayor here in Fremantle, I’d issue the work order for a whole network.