Autumn (Tokyo Studio)

Soukou: Wolf sacrifices beasts/ wild camellias bloom (2 of 5)

October 26th, 2008

Soukou 2 of 15Japanese culture is well-known for the attention paid to seasonality. In books about Japan it is often noted that (most of) the country has 4 distinct seasons of equal lengths. Sensitivity to the seasons is accentuated in the excitement surrounding seasonal foods and changes in nature. The daily reports on the blossom front in Spring and the red leaves front in Autumn perhaps best illustrate the role seasonal changes play in everyday life. (However, at times,  this sensitivity can also manifest as an expectation, like the use of heating or wearing of enormous ear-muffs when the ambient temperature is a comfortable 22.)

Indeed, seasons can provide a rhythm and symmetry to life, but one also suspects that in Japan, perhaps the seasonality also provides an excellent reason for dressing up. And why not?

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