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Kanro: Chrysanthemums tinge yellow/ ducks migrate (4 of 5)

October 23rd, 2008

Kanro 14 of 15

The original plan for today was to go hiking at Mount Takao (Western Tokyo-to) with our friend, Fukushima-san. But the Meterological Agency forecasted 60% probablity of rain from 12 to 18 hours so the trip was post-poned to another day. (And indeed, it started raining at around 2.30pm).

So instead, we walked another stretch of the Kandagawa (river).

1. Left flat at around 9.45am for Takadanobaba station’s direction. Took the short-cut through the small park and alley-way at the ‘back’ of the flats. Saw ‘cat-man’ without his cat.
2. Went to bakery to get bread for picnic lunch – bread was still warm.
3. Commenced journey. Followed a group of kindergarten children for a short way. Observed some ducks on the river.
4. Crossed over Shin-meji Dori and Meiji Dori to Waseda. Observed Takadanobaba diversion riverworks. Pigeons were flying about. We noted the signs for not feeding the birds.
5. Observed a recent modification to the riverbed: to accomodate Koi/ carp in the river. We could see koi inhabiting the river all the way downstream. They were the biggest, fattest carp I have ever seen.
6. Saw a large numbers of turtles sitting on rocks mid-stream sunning themselves. This stretch of the river seems to have retained its natural bed.
7. Entered Chinzan-so (garden) accidentally. The garden was part of Prince Aritomo Yamagata’s mansion which he had built during the Meiji period. Although the extensive garden is still open to the public, the space itself has now been co-opted by the Four Seasons Hotel through its rather massive architectural design.
8. Had pinic lunch at the very pleasent Shin-Edogawa park. Observed some workmen prunning a large Matsu tree from surrounding scaffold they set up. A group of retirees started their water-colour lesson by the pond. It began to look like rain. We headed back towards Takadanobaba.

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