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Kanro: Wild geese come as guests/ wild geese come (4 of 5)

October 13th, 2008


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It’s ‘Health and Sports Day’ today – another public holiday. You might think: ‘Ah, any excuse for a day -off’, but as our experience tells us this is not so. The general public really does get into the spirit of these theme days.

We headed to Kichijoji today. It’s about a 15 mins train trip west from Shinjuku. This expedition was inspired by a film we saw (Gou Gouas mentioned in the post last week), which was shot on location. Having explored some of the eating spots featured in the film (the first 20 minutes of the film has a lot of eating), we headed for the large Inokashira Park. When you have an idea in Tokyo, you can bet at least 1000 people also have the same idea: the park was filled with people taking advantage of the fine weather.

The sports field, in particular, was taken up by enthusiastic holiday-makers all getting in the spirit of ‘health and sports Day’. I would have liked to show image up here but I don’t think anything I have at hand can do justice to the experience. It is much better suited as a large-screen film: If you can image a Jacques Tati scene set on a large expanse of green. No far from the camera are dad and son are playing catch; besides them three young girls are skipping ropes; to the right some children are playing badminton with their mum; then two old women walked across the scene, stopped for a little while to discuss where to sit; in the far background are a young couple playing frisbie, who are then joined by their friends; a number of middle-aged men (who would have been in suits normally, are in t-shirts and shorts) jog by; one stops to stretch before moving on…..

Instead, I will leave you with the music of this man, practising his accordian in the autumn-leaves-filled stretch of the park.

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