Autumn (Tokyo Studio)

Shuubun: Waters dry up/ peanuts ripen (5 of 5)

October 9th, 2008

Shuubun 15 of 15When you look up Takadanobaba on the internet or in guide books, descriptions inevitably talk about the student population in the area. There are a number of universities around here with Waseda Unversity being one of these. Not to mention the numerous music academies around as well. As you walk along Waseda dori away from the station (West ward), you will see the neighbour slowly transforming into an ordinary Tokyo suburb.

There are traditional shops like Tofu ya where they still make tofu and tofu related products every day. There are many traditional eateries as well. Businesses are scattered amongst houses, villas, apartments, and terraces. You will also notice the proud gardens of their inhabitants.

This little wooden house is by the Kandagawa. It’s next to vaccant lot currently being used a a car park. Every available space is used to put a bit of green and changing colours of the blossoms or fruits.

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